Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

After  downloading my first iPad issue of BBC Good Food magazine a couple of weeks ago (it’s amazing!) I decided to make the Paul Hollywood Hot Cross Buns – I couldn’t resist after seeing the full screen picture and was desperate to try something out!

The recipe is now on the website as well

I had never made Hot Cross Buns before but these turned out beautifully. The dough did seem very sticky at first and even mixing it with the dough hooks on my mixer didn’t help too much. I think I added a little extra flour but perhaps it’s just a sticky dough! The buns certainly didn’t suffer for it.

The dough also went very wet when I added all the raisins etc which I think was due to the apple. I was worried about it rising again properly but it did, no problem. The only real problem I had was my piping bag splitting when I tried to pipe over the crosses!

Although Easter is pretty much over now, I would recommend making these – they were particularly delicious toasted with butter.

Hot Cross Buns


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