Dad’s Perfect Cheese Straws

Cheese StrawsSo I recently had a bit of a shock when I went to pick up my car from a service and discovered I needed four new tyres. I had a little moan about the expense to my Mum and Dad on the phone when I got home and the next day my wonderful Dad sent me a cheque in the post just to help me out with the cost! He’s so sweet.

Anyway, as my parents came to visit at the weekend I decided to bake him a little something to say thank you; he doesn’t have a sweet tooth so very rarely indulges in my baking! He does have a cheese tooth however, so I decided to make him some cheese straws.

I went with The Guardian’s Perfect Cheese Straws – only the best for Daddy PiggyBakes!

They were really yummy. Even my Mum, who doesn’t like Cheese Straws, said how nice they were – so light in texture.

PiggyBakes’ Recipe Amendments

– I only made 1/3 recipe  (still got about 25 straws)

– I used all butter (no lard) and added a little paprika instead of mustard powder, as I couldn’t get hold of any. They were still very light and had a great flavour

– Instead of grating the butter, I just cut it into little pieces with scissors

– I didn’t cool them in the oven but they seemed to keep fine

They’re super easy and my Dad loved them. Definitely one to knock up for any upcoming parties, or just for a yummy savoury snack!


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