Paul Hollywood’s Iced Fingers

Ever since I saw these on the Great British Bake Off, I’ve wanted to make them. Me and my hubby drooled over them (he loves iced buns) so I decided to make them last weekend as a little surprise (just in case they went horribly wrong!)

Iced Fingers

The iced fingers were one of the Technical Challenges on TGBBO so I was fully expecting them turn out a bit rubbish. It didn’t take long before my first problem arose – my dough was ridiculously sticky. I added more flour, kept on kneading, tried kneading with my hands (not a good idea), tried kneading in my KMix…eventually, after adding at least another 50g flour and a good 15-20 minutes kneading I decided enough was enough and to just go with it!

Thankfully, the dough rose fine and lost a bit of stickyness during this process so it wasn’t too bad to shape into fingers. They baked beautifully and the rest was plain sailing!

They were never going to be the neatest iced fingers and the icing on the top looked a bit rubbish (think I made it just a smidge too thick) but considering this recipe stumped quite a few of the Bake Off bunch, I was really pleased with my results!

If you decide to give them a go, I would watch the video first (see below) and be warned that the dough can be very sticky!

The recipe can be found online here and you can watch a video tutorial with Paul and Mary (from TGBBO) on YouTube (although I only saw this after I’d made them!)


2 thoughts on “Paul Hollywood’s Iced Fingers

  1. Oooooo lovely looking iced fingers!! Funnily enough, these were one of the first things I made on my blog!!! They tasted really good and yours look delicious! It was initially my intention to try a different technical challenge each month but never got past the first one…still think I might give the others a go though! 🙂

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