PiggyBakes’ Favourite Rocky Roads

Rocky Roads are up there with my favourite goodies. I have been known to buy a box from the Supermarket and eat half of them before I’ve even got home (which is a 5 minute drive, if that!). I love that you can just bung in whatever you fancy. I use the recipe below as a guide but tend to put in whatever I have to hand.

Rocky Roads

Saying that, I think it has to include marshmallow, biscuit and some form of fruit (raisins, glace cherries, sultanas etc) to qualify as a true rocky road – what do you think?

PiggyBakes’ Favourite Rocky Roads
Makes 16 bite sized chunks 

75g butter
2 tbsp honey (or golden syrup if preferred)
200g milk chocolate, broken into squares

Approx. 6 pink and white marshmallows
Approx. 4 or 5 rich tea biscuits (you could also use digestives, shortcake, malteasers – whatever you like)
A couple of handfuls of sultanas
Approx. 50g white chocolate, broken into chunks
A handful or two of cornflakes

– Gently melt the butter, honey and milk chocolate together in a pan over a low heat. Set this aside to cool while you chop the rest of the ingredients.

– Chop the marshmallows into halves or thirds and break up the biscuits into small chunks. Add these to the cooled chocolate mixture along with the white chocolate, sultanas and cornflakes. Mix together well and then tip the mixture into a lightly buttered square dish or tin approx 10cm – I used a  Tupperware box. Allow to cool fully and then chill for 3 -4  hours until set. Cut into16 chunky squares and munch away!


2 thoughts on “PiggyBakes’ Favourite Rocky Roads

  1. These look like the perfect tasty treat!!! I think you definitely need some marshmallows and something biscuity to give it some crunch…Malteasers are good but I like the rich tea biscuit option!!

  2. Yes, definitely agree with you there – it’s not a rocky road unless it has the squish of marshmallow and crunch of something biscuity!

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