Giant Custard Creams

I adore biscuits! I eat them by the packet and my absolute favourites are custard creams. I came across a recipe for custard creams via The Boy Who Bakes a while ago and yesterday I had the perfect opportunity to whip some up.

The link to the recipe is above, so I won’t type it all out again for you. As always, I did find I needed to tweak a couple of bits:

  • I made giant biscuits, as I recently bought new cookie cutters and wanted to play! I guess this is why my biscuits needed an extra five minutes in the oven, which is when they just started to colour around the edges. They could have done with just a couple more minutes on top of this I think,  so bear that in mind if you make giant ones too!
  • I had a bit of a nightmare with the filling. I was using my KMix and I do find it struggles a bit if I’m working with small quantities of ingredients. As I was creaming just 50g of butter, my mixer seemed to just spread this round the edges of the bowl and it then went all hard and weird when I added the icing sugar/custard, despite me trying to rescue it! I added a touch more butter and a splash of milk and it was fine in the end though. Just make sure your butter is properly creamed before you add the dry ingredients!

As Edd mentions on his blog, the texture of these is different to packet custard creams, due to the use of real butter. Mine are quite crumbly and absolutely yummy. However I did feel a bit sick after eating one of my giant ones so think they are better made smaller. Saying that, I would probably just end up eating more of the smaller ones, stopping only when I felt sick! I do love a good biscuit!



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