Homemade Marshmallows

So I finally got around to buying myself a sugar thermometer which I have wanted for ages just so I could have a go at making one of my favourite treats – marshmallow!

I adore marshmallow (for the record, the best one I have ever had was a cinnamon one from Burnt Sugar at Borough Market in London – amazing!). Mine weren’t quite up to the same standard but they were light, fluffy, perfectly squidgy and so much nicer than packet marshmallows. My chef friend tried one and asked for the recipe so they can’t have been too bad!

The recipe I used is from Rachel Allen – http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/marshmallows_93239.  The only thing I found was that my marshmallow mixture was thick enough and ready to pour into the tin to set before the recommended 18 – 20 minutes. I used my K-Mix and I think it probably only took about 13 – 14 minutes. If I’d have left it going for the 18 minutes it would have been to thick to work with. Just something to be aware of if you give it a go!

I also thought they were past their best after about 5 days – Rachel says they last up to three weeks but I’m not convinced on this one!



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