The Hairy Bikers’ (Apricot) Linzertorte

My husband loves Jam Tarts and was waxing lyrical about some he used to enjoy as a child from the local bakery with a lattice top. I  was googling for a lattice jam tart recipe so I could make one for him but instead came across one for Linzertorte from The Hairy Bikers, which they call “a sort of  posh jam tart”!

It sounded a little more exciting than a plain old jam tart as well as completely delicious, with a crumbly almond pastry. I decided to go for an apricot filling but you could of course stick to their recipe and use raspberry.

I found this pastry to be very soft and quite difficult to work with when making the lattice so I added some extra flour at that point. It was still really nice and didn’t seem to harm the results. I also found I didn’t have quite enough pastry to finish the lattice, as I think I made a couple of the strips a little too thick. But it was still yummy!


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