Jam Roly Poly

It’s that time again…this month’s Alphabakes challenge is to bake using the letter J and is hosted by Caroline Makes. I actually made this Jam Roly Poly just before realising that the letter this month was J – it was obviously meant to be.

The Jam Roly Poly was easier to make than I thought it would be, but harder to make look pretty! Mine looked a complete state to be honest but once it was sliced and covered in custard you couldn’t really tell. I had trouble rolling it up, I think I tried to roll it too tight so all the jam splodged out when I got to the end of rolling it up. I tried to rectify it by wiping some away but it kind of split in the oven anyway as I hadn’t been able to seal it up very well! Not my finest hour…

However it was delicious, pure comforting stodge! In fact, I’m not convinced that there is any pudding more comforting than a Jam Roly Poly? What do you think?

I used this BBC Good Food recipe but substituted the vanilla pod for a teaspoon of vanilla extract and used vegetable suet. I also added a bit of extra jam but I wouldn’t do that again in future due to the problems rolling up! Saying that, I did add a tablespoon of extra jam with the custard, as it needed some extra fruitiness/sweetness.



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