Chocolate Easter Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Easter is such a good time for baking and this simple chocolate cake looks suitably festive, yet doesn’t require any complicated decoration.

2013-03-30 09.39.31

I made a simple chocolate sponge (see here for my all-in-one recipe) and then filled and covered it with chocolate frosting (the Hummingbird Bakery’s is still my favourite – see recipe below).

To make the nest, use a potato peeler across the back of a block of milk chocolate. Start at the edge and just keep going to make flakes of chocolate. (Thinking about it, a crushed Flake bar would probably have the same effect and be a lot easier!) Then, simply place some mini-eggs in the middle of the cake and scatter the chocolate flakes around the edges.

Chocolate Frosting (from the Hummingbird Bakery)

400g icing sugar, sifted
100g cocoa powder, sifted
160g unsalted butter, softened
50 – 75ml milk (whole or semi skimmed)

– Beat the icing sugar, cocoa powder and butter together on a low speed until the mixture turns sandy in consistency.

– Pour in 50ml of milk and then increase the speed to high, beating until soft and fluffy. (If the mixture is too thick, just add a little more milk and continue to beat.)


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