Paul Hollywood’s Classic White Bloomer

Is there anyone who hasn’t been baking bread after watching Paul Hollywood’s Bread series on BBC2?! He makes it look so easy and the bread he makes looks so perfect that I thought I would have another bash.

You see, I go through phases with bread. I have had some successes but I do find that, although very tasty, my bread can be quite heavy. I don’t seem to able to get it quite right. After watching Paul over recent weeks, I really wanted to have another go and decided to start with his classic White Bloomer.

I cued up the iPlayer (who doesn’t love the iPlayer? Perfect for cooking along with a recipe as you’re making it!) and used it along with this recipe to see exactly what I needed to do. The video was particlarly useful to see how he shaped the bread as well as to check how much it should have risen etc.

I had to leave this loaf to prove for two hours, twice and then bake it for around 35 minutes so it’s definitely not one to make when short of time!  But it did produce a beautiful bloomer, much lighter than those that I have made before.

I did stray from Paul’s technique and knead mine in my KMix mixer, and I fear I may have overdone it a little bit. Next time, I might give it a go by hand.


If you’re feeling inspired, give this one a go! It has given me a bit more confidence with bread and I’m keen to keep trying to perfect my technique and bake the perfect loaf!


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