Mini Iced and Strawberry & White Chocolate Donuts

Mmmmm….Donuts. Who doesn’t love donuts? I certainly do, and have had my eye on this mini donut pan from Lakeland for ages

I finally got around to visiting my local Lakeland and found one! Hurrah! I used the recipe on the Lakeland website and here are my results – Mini Iced and White Chocolate and Strawberry Donuts!


The recipe was super quick and easy and I followed it to the letter. I think they could have done with an extra minute in the oven though, as they were a little bit too moist/squidgy. They have a really nice taste and texture though and look really impressive, especially considering how little work was involved! The recipe states that they make 12 but I got 20 out of it easily, enough to fill up the pan.

To make the toppings, I just melted some white chocolate in a ramekin and dipped the mini donuts in once they had cooled. I then sprinkled some freeze dried strawberry pieces over the top whilst the chocolate was still melty. For the iced version, I just made up a simple glacé icing (water and icing sugar with a little food colouring) and dipped them in. Both are yummy, but the glacé icing version seem to have absorbed all the topping overnight, so woulda best eaten on the day you make them.


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