Carrot Cake Traybake

Hurrah! We finally bought a food processor, which means I can grate carrots at the touch of a button (I HATE grating carrots)! Bring on the Carrot Cake!

Carrot Cake is one of my favourites but I never make it (see above!) so I don’t have a go-to recipe for it. Due to being pregnant and having horrendous sickness, I haven’t baked for my office for quite a long time so I decided to make a Carrot Cake traybake. I love traybakes, they’re so easy when you’re making something specifically to share.

I turned to BBC Good Food online (I use this website so much, despite having a bookshelf full of baking books!) and found a great recipe. I was a little dubious, as it’s a kids recipe and I did wonder if it might be over simplified and compromise on quality. But I was so wrong. Everyone commented on the cake; how light it was, how moist it was and generally just how yummy it was. I had two requests for the recipe and it was all gone by the end of the day.

I stuck to the recipe to the letter this time – it was so simple, there was no reason to adapt anything or make any changes. I won’t post the recipe again, as it would be exactly the same as the one here:

I decorated the squares with the icing from the recipe, smoothing it into stripes with a palette knife. I also split mine into 16 chunky squares, which I think was a perfect treat sized portion for sharing with friends/colleagues.




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